GoTeach Activities

GoTeach Activities

GoTeach aims to improve employability by equipping young people with the skills and professional contact needed to prepare them for the world of work.

For over a decade, GoTeach has developed a broad and diverse portfolio with the potential to create activities that are perfectly adapted to the local context and, therefore, are ideally suited to the needs of the young people they are intended to help.

The activities are based on best-practice examples and feedback collected over many years. We will be growing the library of activities throughout 2023 and the years to come. This will certainly providing good guidance and guarantee quality of the programme.

Employability journey - interventions and intended outcomes

From 2023 onwards, the minimum requirement in GoTeach is implementing 3 interventions for the same group of young people in one calendar year. Mandadory activities have been defined und summarized under the "Expose" and "Explore" pillar. In addition, activities from the "Practice" pillar can complement the offer after meeting the basic requirements first.


Chapter lead Susanne Novotny
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